Link Rates Between Router/Mesh Point or Mesh Point/Mesh Point

  • Just thought it would be interesting and helpful for fine-tuning mesh point (or additional router) placement to be able to see the wireless LAN link rates between Amplifi nodes.

    It would be very cool to run what's basically a LAN (not from WAN) speed test to give you an idea what the bandwidth is between our Amplifi nodes. Right now we get a signal strength percentage for mesh points which is definitely nice. What I'm wanting to see is how much bandwidth say, for example, my low signal strength mesh point can actually push out to devices. Sort of like iperf, I think, but it would be the speeds between the actual Amplifi devices and not from client to client...although that's handy too.

    This would come in handy especially in multi-hop situations to really see what bandwidth that last mesh point is capable of providing. To see how placement and orientation actually affect bandwidth (which is what it's about in the end) would be exceptionally helpful (and fun to tinker with!)

  • @jeremy-smith It is possible to do that. They would have to implement a feature in the firmware or within the app so itll perform a self test once per day

  • Wow, very cool it is possible. It would be nice to perform a self test at-will too. Actually...if I remember correctly, the signal strength (percentage) on each mesh point updates in real time (I'm pretty sure I've watched that change on my phone as I moved the antenna around). They could just put the link rate right there along with the percentage.

  • I have a Mikrotik hEX RB750Gr3 Gigabit router ($50 on Amazon) between my isp and the Amplifi. Mikrotik has a little executable (btest.exe) you can download and run from your PC. I've tested wired and wifi direct, and also through the meshpoints.

  • @bill-tamol Interesting...I'm assuming you need that router placed where it is for that executable to work? I'm not opposed to hunting down down some third party tools to do my own testing, but it'd still be nice to have this baked in...especially since it sounds like it's already possible.

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