Difficulties with network time machine backups from Mac

  • I recently replaced an all-AirPort setup with amplifi cubes. I have two synology NAS's connected through a pair of gigabit switches to the "main" amplifi cube. Ever since I switched to amplifi I am having trouble completing Time Machine backups from my macbook pro to the NAS's. What appears to be happening is that in the middle of the backup, the Mac loses connection to the NAS's. The NASs disappear from the sidebar in finder, and restarting finder does not make them reappear. I can, however, mount the NAS by manually going to smb://(ip address or dns name) The only way to make finder and time machine see the NAS again is to reboot the Mac.

    Any advice?

  • Do you have “use upstream DNS” enabled thru the web portal, by any chance?

  • @thomas-chi No. Also I do not have hardware DNS enabled, fwiw.

  • After rebooting the main cube several times i seem to be able to get through time machine backups now. I also turned on hardware dns in the middle of rebooting things, so perhaps that had some effect as well.

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