Why setting a Teleport is such a pain?

  • I have never run into something more horrible to setup than the Teleport. I'd say that in the current state it is not ready for prime time. Last week I spent few hours on a chat with support in order to get it working. Few days ago it stopped working. I tried to configure it again, no luck. I went as far as unlinking it from my Amplifi and linking it back again. When I try the configuration again it gets stuck on the Internet bubble and never continues. Who designs something that is so complicated to configure? Having to setup UPnP in order to use it? And how come there is no timeout. Is it going to circle on the Internet bubble forever? Common. Other devices manage to punch through firewalls without requiring UPnP. Why does Teleport need it? BTW, I verified that Local connectivity and UPnP are checked in the Ampilifi app "Test Connectivity" but I still cannot get beyond the circling Internet bubble.

  • Hi @avi-schwartz - @UBNT-Gunars has commented that many improvements are coming soon, including a new setup interface over Bluetooth and I believe no longer a need for UPnP or physical presence for pairing.

    Speed improvements are coming as well.

    ETA around the end of May if testing is going well.

    We are all looking forward to them...

  • I have a PhD in electrical engineering and designed high end CPUs for more than a decade and I found the setup to be confusing.

    At one point it disappeared from the app during setup and I had to reset to factory defaults, and then it wouldn’t respond at all until I plugged it in to my network with cat6, at which point the app could finally see it again and I could run through the setup process again from the beginning.

  • The Teleport instruction manuals are not well written, and when setting up for the first time, may not produce expected results, especially if one isn't familiar with AmpliFi gear.

    The standalone Teleport manual is the same as the kit and doesn't distinguish between the need to install a router.

    In general they also have an over-reliance on using amplifi.lan which doesn't typically exist (that I have ever found) if your router is in Bridge mode.

    Then the Teleport manual says if you are having a problem to download the same manual you are already looking at (I assume they were thinking there will be an updated guide at some point).

    I also have seen pairing requests much earlier than step #9.

    The guide doesn't even mention ports and what to do if you happen to have UPnP turned off.

    And I think people are put off by needing to use an outside WiFi network to finish functionality testing.

    So yes, installing a Teleport for the first time can be a pain.

    I consider myself lucky and read some pre-release reviews of Teleport that noted how bad the instructions were and provided a much better step-by-step guide, so the installation was quick and painless.

  • Some reviewers agreed:



    PS - for the USB conspiracy folks the second review link stated ”There is a USB port, except it's inactive. Ubiquiti has said it has plans for it, yet hasn't yet specified what those entail.”

    Even techpowerup got that wrong too, “There is also a USB port available if you wish to have some rudimentary network-attached storage, but it will not replace a dedicated NAS”

  • @jayson-knight Looks like they updated the instructions 6 days ago (https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000502568-Router-and-Teleport-Kit-Setup-AFi-RT-). Perhaps because the printed instructions in the box don't match what actually happens. There is clearly confusion about it, if you google and look at folks on reddit and such.

    Once you know how to do it, it's easy enough to follow along the updated instruction (though the instructions re: using another network at the end are bound to be confusing to most folks).

  • I have set up a few Teleports and even knowing and following the latest instructions, I have seen the installation repeatedly hang up on STEP #9 when trying to obtain local internet access via WiFi.

    Instead of getting a green check-mark for Internet it will be a spinning circle for longer than I can wait (I let it go overnight once for 12 hours and it never completed).

    The local router would report that the Teleport was connected and the internet was fine, but the installation would not proceed over wireless, even after multiple HW resets and retries.

    In such a case the only solution I found was to connect the Teleport to the router via Ethernet and then then it immediately completed the rest of the install.

    Taking the Teleport offline it would then eventually reconnect via WiFi, but it could take multiple reboots.
    Oddly, it might also connect and work via WiFi, but the blue LED circle would remain flashing even when functioning.
    Eventually it would just start working normally.

  • @jayson-knight I think you are missing my point. Configuring the Teleport should not require going through (badly written and not up-to-date) manuals, on line guides, FAQs, and Reddit. It may be a wonderful product once it works but getting there should not be a pain point. Ubiquity managed to create a wonderful and easy to install router, they should match it with a wonderful and easy to install Teleport. Right now it is not and the end of May is here so hopefully they'll fix all the configuration issues.

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