HD settings for Spectrum internet

  • @stephen-foster have you tried mac clone the Isp modem after your set it to bridge mode, but you set the clones mac in the router.

  • Uhhh.... No? As I believe I posted earlier, I’m pretty new to this stuff and what you’re asking I know nothing about. Could you explain your question in a bit more detail and why I would do that if my system is now working okay? Will what you’re suggesting make it better???

  • @stephen-foster For what it's worth, Spectrum is my ISP and I'm using a Netgear CM600 along with an Amplifi HD mesh system with no special configuration required for a stable connection to the Internet.

    If your connectivity issue occurs with two different Amplifi routers I'd be pointing my finger at Spectrum and asking them to perform a line assessment just to rule out everything on their end. I'd also consider performing a factory reset on my CM600 as I've had two connectivity issues with that model in the past with my Time Capsules and Spectrum as my ISP. A factory reset performed from the rear of the modem fixed it both times after resets initiated by Spectrum techs from their office didn't fix the issue.

    Regardless, I hope you find a solution soon.

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