Amplifi or Unifi for vacation home scenario?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to build a network for our summer house and I've been a long time user of Unifi in other cases including my own apartment. But I am a bit attracted to the simplicity of Amplifi and very impressed with the coverage of it... but I'd like to tap into your collective experiences and recommendations if I may...


    Unfortunately I don't have a floor plan available, but I tried to build a picture so that you have some idea of what I am talking about 😉 I have three scenarios that I am contemplating

    1. The traditional Unifi: As you can see, I've put a Unifi Mesh antenna on a mast on the roof to make sure that I have wi-fi-coverage outside. I realize that Amplifi and Unifi don't talk to each other at the moment, so; the first scenario would be to buy either two Unifi AC-Pros, one in each building, and then have a wired backhaul in between.

    2. Meshed Unifi: The second option would be to buy one more Unifi Mesh point for each building and run them all off the same controller. I have no experience with Unifi mesh though. Also, each of these mesh points need PoE and thus not as easy to place in the buildings.

    3. The Amplifi Hybrid setup: In this scenario I'd set a separate SSID on the outside antenna, thus requiring manual switching of wi-fi when going outside, and then put an Amplifi Router in each building with a wired backhaul and then (if needed) add a mesh-point or two inside the main building where I need to cover the entire house. In the house to the left I only need to cover one room for now.

    Which way would you go? Thanks!

  • @michael-anderberg what did you do at the end?

  • @benoit-chesneau


    I ended up using the Unifi Mesh system for the main building and the roof (outside) accesspoint. Most of them are wired in except for one meshpoint located upstairs in the main building, it meshes wirelessly with either the downstairs meshpoint or the roof.

    I have yet to solve the second building though. I could put in another Unifi mesh AP, probably the simplest solution. Yet, I'd really like to use the Amplifi HD router that I have, but from what I can tell, it'll only act as a regular wifi accesspoint in that case in bridged mode? It won't actually mesh with the Unifi-system?

    I'll update again in a few days when I've made up my mind. 🙂

  • @michael-anderberg why unifi mesh and not simple mesh ap with uplink?

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