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  • I Love my Amplifi Router however I need a VPN for my home security system which now requires me to get another router which supports VPN.

    Whats the hold up and why can't you guy's make this happen?

  • @pmedicj Can you elaborate on "VPN for my home security system"?

  • You don’t need to host the VPN on your router, cheap alternative is a raspberry pi running openvpn.

  • @peter-farrar said in Listen up!:
    You don’t need to host the VPN on your router, cheap alternative is a raspberry pi running openvpn.

    Here's a guide on how to do it on a raspberry pi:

    Should cost you under $50, will require you to forward some ports, and can survive behind any firewall/router you ever upgrade to in the future.

  • @rob-king

    IP surveillance cameras and NVR

  • @shane-milton

    Seems like a lot of work and time. A new router already set up for VPN would be easier.

  • @pmedicj Yeah, it's not a turnkey solution. AmpliFi has a turnkey solution with the Teleport. If that doesn't meet your needs and you want a turnkey solution, there are still other options.

    If you want to got get a $50 Netgear router and flash Tomato on it and have a turnkey solution then, that's an option. Pros and cons to all options out there. The RPi is just a dirt cheap option. If you don't want to do that, then don't! It's just an option that a lot of people like to have, so we're making sure you're aware of it. 🙂

  • @shane-milton

    So what your saying is....The Teleport is essentially a VPN? Could I get a Teleport and connect my surveillance NVR to it via ethernet. Also would that decrease speeds significantly or create connectivity issues?

    So many questions.

  • @pmedicj I think that would work, though I’ve not tried connecting the teleport WiFi to the main WiFi network that way.

  • Seems like a pain to have to VPN in to see your cameras. From your phone even? Does it not have a web interface +SSL? Just curious..

    I'd let the router route and get the RPi.

  • @pmedicj I have no clue what you're trying to do with your cameras. It's not normal to hook cameras up to a VPN. Can you start out by describing what you're attempting to do?

    The way a Teleport works is that it gives you a remote place to set up an access point that has a tunnel back into your home network. I have no clue what this means for your cameras because I don't know what you're trying to do.


    I have AmpliFi setup at home and my SSID is "AwesomeNet" and that's the WiFi that all of my devices connect to. Now I decide to take a vacation but I need to work while I'm on vacation and need access to a NAS at home. I take a Teleport with me and plug it into power in my hotel room and set it up. Once setup, it also broadcasts a network with "AwesomeNet" as the SSID with the same password as at home so all of my devices just work (the SSID/password could be different if I wanted). The Teleport itself connects a VPN Tunnel back home so absolutely none of my internet traffic, even to unencrypted web sites, is available to the hotel network and everything goes back home and through my home ISP.

  • @shane-milton

    I am trying to put my dvr and cameras behind a VPN server.
    Ultimately the raspberry pi would work connected before my router but it will slow my speeds down.
    It would be nice to have a subnet and connect my dvr with the cameras connected to a LAN port go through an OpenVPN and have another SSID for general traffic at home.

  • @pmedicj Sorry, you still didn't answer my question. "What are you trying to do?" Not "How are your trying to do it?"

    Are you trying to view the video on your DVR at-a-glance from your phone over VPN while traveling? Are you trying to funnel that video live to a DVR on a remote network over VPN? I still don't understand what problem you're trying to solve. Can you explain that, please?

  • @shane-milton

    Yes I would like to create a VPN server on my router to remote view the live feed and and have access to DVR settings from my phone, Browser etc.

  • @pmedicj Do you need VPN for RDP access to the server or something? I guess what we are all asking is why do you need VPN? Usually you would just port forward to your server so you can get to the WebUi of your DVR via a browser.

  • @pmedicj: Everything you connect to Teleport will think that it's connected directly to your home router (even the SSID can be the same, so there's no need to reconfigure phones/computers). It will be a good fit if your internet connection has good upload throughput. If the bandwidth is okay, Teleport will usually do 10-20 Mbps up and down with current firmware. The update that we're planning to release later this summer will boost these speeds by 2-3x, especially for video traffic.

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