Packet loss from Mac to Amplifi

  • Frequently, but without any set rhyme or reason, I get serious packet loss between my iMac and the Amplify router.

    At the moment I am only using the router and no mesh points.

    The Amplifi is set up in bridge mode, with a Fritzbox 7940 connected to the fibre connection.

    3 or 4 meters away from it I have my main computer - an iMac, connected to it via Wi-fi.

    Most of the time it works brilliantly, but sometimes it randomly start having a lot of packet loss between the iMac and the Amplifi.

    I always run ping in the background these days, so I see it when it happens. Thought it might be a fault with the Amplifi, so had it sent away and got a new one. But the new one is behaving in the exact same way.

    What is strange is that if I turn off Wi-fi on the iMac and turn it on again, the packet loss goes away.

    Yes I know, should be a strong indication that its something wrong with the iMac. But I randomly have problems with other devices (other Macs, iPhones, iPads etc) and the fix always seems to be to turn off wi-fi and then turn on wi-fi again.

    Another thing that makes me think its not as easy as just the devices being the problem is that I was using my old Apple Extreme when the Amplifi was away, and that was rock solid with no packet loss. Although I did see some high ping times (+100 ms) to the Fritzbox from time to time.

    Anyone else experience this problem with the Amplifi and Apple devices? Any suggestions for fixes?

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