Router or meshpoint to extend range

  • I have just purchased and setup a Mesh Router and two mesh points. My main focus is to provide wifi connectivity down to a guest house about 30 metres from the main house. At the moment I have the router setup in the main house's living room, a mesh point positioned on the deck about 8 metres from the router and another meshpoint in a breezeway about a further 15 metres from the previous meshpoint.

    The wifi in the guesthouse (10-odd metres from the nearest meshpoint) is okay, not brilliant, maybe two to sometimes three bars, but a bit flakey and subject to dropouts. Would a second router somewhere in the mix remedy this, or is a third meshpoint the answer?

  • Hi @sam-chapman - can we assume you have no interest in running a buried Ethernet cable between your main house and the guest house?
    Running a line and using a second router as a mesh point would be ‘ideal’ for coverage and bandwidth.

    If the electricity for the guest house is tied to the main house then you could also consider trying a power-line Ethernet solution to a second router as a mesh point, which will probably still be better than multi-hop WiFi, but may cone with other issues, like needing occasional reboots (in my limited experience).

    If you take your mesh points offline how close to the guest house does your main router’s WiFi reach?

    Can you temporarily (with a long Ethernet cable) relocate your main router inside the house as close to the guest house as possible and see how far its WiFi reaches?

    There are a lot of site variables, but it seems like you could almost reach 30 meters with 2.4 GHz through 2 exterior walls, but that depends a lot on the construction.

  • I second @Derek-Saville saying to use a buried ethernet cable. If that is not something you want to invest the time and resources into, then just get an Amplifi router.

  • @derek-saville Thanks for you response, Derek. Unfortunately running a hardwired ethernet connection underground to the guest house isn't feasible at the moment. And, again unfortunately, the power to the guesthouse runs through a secondary fuse and breaker box (not sure what you call it in the US) which, I've read, makes powerline ethernet solutions unfeasible. Not making it easy, am I?

    If I were to draw a straight line from the router to the nearest point in the guesthouse that I could plugin another router or meshpoint (so ignoring the other existing meshpoints for the moment), I'd say it's about 35 metres, slightly downhill, through one exterior cavity wall (main house) of plasterboard and composite cladding, and then through the guesthouse's exterior cavity wall, plasterboard and metal cladding. Other obstacles? Again, if I'm imagining a straight line, there's some trees, but not dense bush or anything. A straight stringline might get brushed by some palm fronds, maybe brush the edge of an avocado tree, that's about it.

    I'll try your suggestion of taking the meshpoints offline and testing the range of the router on its own. Thanks again for your input.

  • Hi @sam-chapman - I understand, been in this situation myself.
    35m through 2 walls + metal cladding might be too much for the AmpliFi.
    For reference, some WiFi extenders test out to about 50m interior with decent throughput, but your metal cladding might be tough to get through.
    Otherwise, depending on your budget, consider looking for a wireless point-to-point bridge?

  • @sam-chapman Hi Sam. I have a garden bar which is of a similar distance to my house as your guest house is. I have tried the mesh point down there but due to the distance from the router it is not workable. Short of setting up an outdoor point to point system then I use a set of these from D-Link

    I am lucky enough to have a fast internet connection to the house (330mb) and these D-link powerline adaptors give me 40mb in the bar and a rock solid connection. I suspect that these would be fine for your purposes 👍

  • @sam-chapman There are newer and faster models with AC on the D-Link website and I will be upgrading but they work very well with the AMPLIFI Router 👍

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