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  • Hello Everyone,

    So after 7 months or so, it seems my power supply is no longer functional. While support is sending me a new one, I am looking to have an alternative solution in case this happens again (or even now as I don't know when I will actually receive the replacement power supply). On the power supply if I recall correctly, the router requires 5V/3.0a which is achievable via a usb-c cable and normal wall adapter. I spoke with support with two different answers, one 5.0V/3.0a and another 5V/2.0a. In either case, I have tried multiple different combos of wires and wall adapters and I always get an "adapter error" message on the screen.

    End question, has anyone been able to use a third party cable/adapter setup to successfully power up the router?

  • @vishal-patel the Router accepts 9V/1.7A as labeled on the bottom of the unit. The power adapter supplied lists 5V/3A or 9V/1.7A or 12V/1.25A.
    Sorry for the confusion, but you will need a 9V/1.7A power supply.
    I have heard from multiple customers that 3rd party power supplies do not work with our product and they throw an "Adapter Error" but others have had success. Just know that using a 3rd part power supply is not recommended and our warranty department can usually get you a replacement power supply to your door in 2-3 days. Please DM me so I can follow up on your case and ensure the power supply gets to you ASAP.

  • @ubnt-brett Thanks. Sent you a DM.

  • @ubnt-brett
    I've recently purchased a unit of amplifi hd. The power adapter labelled as 1.25a. As mentioned by you.. why the new units still supplying the 1.25a instead of 1.7a?

  • @jerry-soon The adapter supports different outputs, whereas the router has one input rating. I have attached photos for clarification.0_1542646112883_IMG_0835.jpeg 0_1542646115115_IMG_0837.jpeg

  • @ubnt-brett
    Ok got it. Thanks!

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