Amplifihd Router Power Supply

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  • Noel, did not see a link or text in your post.

    UBNT-JT, is that power supply a micro-USB or USB-C type? I need a micro-USB type and I can't tell from the link which it is. The middle picture appears to show a USB-C connector.

  • I am afraid I am in the same boat. Contacted support about a failed USB Micro B Power Supply, only to have them send me a USB Type C replacement. When I contacted support about their error, I was notified that they no longer carry the Micro B and the routers that used them are EOL.

    I am VERY disappointed that I own a $600+ paper weight (router w/ 2 mesh points).

    Support seems to be useless when it comes to recommending a 3rd party PSU. When I asked, all of a sudden I got "radio silence" from support.

    This is just crappy customer service to EOL a product with a proprietary PSU with no upgrade path or replacement available.

    At this point, I will likely just move on. Amplifi has lost a customer and I will no longer be recommending this product line.

    I'd suggest we band together and take this conversation to social media. This would appear to be nothing more than a company exploiting their customers by forcing them to upgrade their whole system (~$650) due to the failure of a $12 part.

  • @jody-o-brien Currently we have not tested or approved any 3rd party chargers for AmpliFi. I understand your frustration, I am currently ordering 4 different power supplies and I will test and post my results here.

  • @jody-o-brien Interesting that Amplifi stated that the routers that use the USB Micro power supplies are EOL when, near as I can tell, they use the same firmware as the USB Type C routers. So not EOL with respect to firmware upgrades, just no power supplies. Perhaps support can chime in on the firmware support issue.

  • @ubnt-brett Glad to hear you're looking into power supplies. I looked at, but did not order or test, the Razer power supply as I did not want to risk damaging my router.

    Perhaps this is one of the four that you will be testing? Looking forward to hearing the results and perhaps seeing an approved list.

  • How old are the routers with Micro USB power supplies?

    In Europe there is a mandatory 5 year warranty from date of purchase with the retailer, so if AmpliFi sold them in Europe at least, the retailers would be required to repair or replace, so one would think they have some availability

    Unfortunately US doesn’t have a similar legal warranty requirement...

  • @matthew-leeds the devices are identical in every aspect except for the power adapter. This changed was made early on in AmpliFi's production but quite a few units with Micro-USB were still produced before the modification. All firmware released are identical for both.

    That particular power supply is not one I have ordered. Once I get though testing the other supplies I can look into that one as well.

  • @ubnt-brett Looking forward to the results. Will you be posting the source and cost for each? The one I listed is about $25.

  • @matthew-leeds Yes for ones that work ill provide a link for purchase from where I found them.

  • Just curious...would a USB-C to Micro-USB adapter work with the current USB-C power supplies as a last resort?

  • @derek-saville I have never tried this, but the power supplies specs are identical so I could only imagine it would work, I will test this as well.

  • Hi @matthew-leeds - based on the comments and questions written on Amazon, I would say no, it is unlikely to work
    There is a logic chip in there to convert the data rate (unnecessary for AmpliFi) and a 56 ohm resistor, which probably affects the voltage / amperage supply

    AmpliFi needs a solid 9 volts / 1.7+ amps, which is why it is so hard to find a compatible 3rd party power supply

    So you would need a plug adapter that simply passes through the voltage and ground pins without anything messing with the power delivery along the way

    Disclaimer - I have not tested any item, so I cannot endorse or confirm safety or compatibility

    If I was going to try a plug adapter I would probably select something like this: UGREEN USB C to Micro USB Adapter

    Which specifically calls out 9V - 2A compatibility, but note it has mixed reviews

    Or the CHOETECH USB C to Micro USB Adapter

    Which shows as being rated up to 2.4 amps and compatible with Fast Charge, but it doesn't specifically call out 9 volt compatibility
    It does have very good reviews though...

  • @matthew-leeds I can confirm that this USB C to Micro adapter works with the power supplies available in Amplifi Store.

  • @ubnt-brett I can confirm that this USB C to Micro adapter works with the USB C power supplies on the Amplifi Store:

  • @jody-o-brien I tested this as well. This would be the ideal route because other power supplies may power up the device, but LAN ports may draw more than other power supplies can provide. Thank you for the follow up on this thread, and @Matthew-Leeds thank you for the additional link!

  • @ui-brett So did you ever complete your test? I feel seriously irritated here. I have a probably out of warranty (gen 1?) w/microUSB I bought locally a few days ago for $250. Well I am that sucker born every minute I guess. Got home, everything works fine but I did notice the guy had a Pixel USB-C charging brick with a USB-C to A plugged into the brick, then a micro-USB cable into that. Red flag I didn't know i should have been looking's just micro-USB, right? Oh no, very wrong.

    I have tried every single charger in my house, all of various voltage/wattage, not one worked. Pissed and confused, I ended up finding this post and now understand why no charger I tried worked.

    I did try the USB-C to USB-A---->microUSB adapter and while it will boot and run for a while, it's very unstable and can reboot randomly over time. Highly irritating when trying to do work at home and streaming TV when the connection just stops (as the router reboots for no reason).

    I now realize that this device is incredibly picky about it's power, which is not super common for microUSB. Micro-USB and USB in general is pretty flexible and have a product resemble this openness but actually have a very specific need requiring a custom power supply be built that is now no longer manufactured is shady as hell, sorry.

    Anyhow, again did you finish the testing? And what are the results?

    If you happen to find a random "old and discontinued" microUSB charger for my EOL'd (why?) router, I'll buy it immediately. Otherwise, I have a perfectly fine product w/2 repeaters that's non-functional (but not broken at all...). Now it's basically obsolete now since Ubiquiti silently changed to USB-C while retaining the same hardware otherwise?

    I want to love this product as it (when isn't rebooting itself) but man this is a strange introduction to the product and company in general. I find the Teleport very interesting but putting that plan (and buying a 3rd repeater) on hold until I can solve this basic power riddle. And as an FYI, I went to purchase a standalone router replacement on Amazon but remember reading the 2 mesh points are hard-code paired to the router it shipped with. So I'd have to buy an entire new unit just to have power..


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