Amplifihd Router Power Supply

  • @eric-t I did finish my tests, but now reading back on my old response I realize that I was not clear with my results and provided very little details, I appologize for that.

    Because the AmpliFi power supply is unique, we cannot recommend that you use ANY 3rd party power supply with your AmpliFi. What this means is that if you have to replace your power supply (and you are out of the 1 year warranty) you will need to go to the AmpliFi Store and purchase a replacement power supply (located in the bottom right of the screen).

    The only power supply we currently manufacture is the USB-C style, so if you happen to have the older Micro USB adapter, you will need to purchase a USB-C AmpliFi power supply, and purchase any 3rd party USB-C to Micro USB adapter. That way the specific power supply is still being used and you should not face any adapter or power errors.

  • EDIT: well I tried a previous suggestion by you that said use a QC 2.0 power supply to "get by" as I order the USB-C power supply from your website and find an adapter, per your recommendation. It seems the Samsung QC 2.0 charger fried my unit as it powered on, flashed the display, now it's totally dead. Thanks for the advice, my $250 was just put into a shredder. Great engineering job! In the garbage it goes I guess. 😠

    @ui-brett Thanks. Doesn't change how ridiculous this entire scenario is. I'm not too keep on rigging up some power solution that's not designed to work that way. You would never ship this janky solution to a customer, so I can't spend my money to engineer a workaround for your product.

    I'll just sell it again to another sucker. Make it their problem and block their number so it's their issue to solve. I can't support a company that won't even support its own product. Insanity, to be honest.

    What a strange suggestion from an engineer, but thanks anyhow. If you are reading this and have a micro-USB version, good luck when your power supply fails.

    The fix it to throw your router and mesh points away or you can rig up a bullshit solution if you like. Not me, I'm out.

  • @eric-t I purchased the current USB-C power supply, and used this adapter to fit it to my micro-USB unit, worked perfectly.

  • @matthew-leeds Thanks for this. I was able to get it to boot back up with a different USB brick (like the 30th one I tried, seriously) so I don't think it's totally dead. I can say, however, that my Samsung QC 2.0 charger absolutely did not was actually recommended previously in this thread, which is kind of funny to me.

    But alas, I think I will give this a shot. I just ordered the official USB-C adapter from the Amplif store and ordered those connectors you linked.

    I'm still skeptical about just converting a USB-C current to micro-USB. I thought USB-C power supplies output specific voltages to the USB-C connector...wouldn't just attaching a micro-USB adapter break the intended current transfer from the power brick?

    Hoping this all works out.

  • @ui-brett Hi Brett,

    The store only have the US version?

    My European power adapter has broken. Where can I purchase a replacement?

  • @magnus-appelgren-0 Correct, we only have the US version on our website. Are you still within warranty?

  • @ui-brett Bought it little under two years ago..

  • @UI-Brett

    I also have a european 220V model. My power supply is dead and is still within warranty. Why on earth can I just not order a european version myself? I have spent many hours trying to find a reseller that sell them but they are impossible to find. I hope you don´t respond saying that the only way to get a new is if you are within warranty? Seriously, where can I buy one in Sweden or Europe?

    The one i have is:

  • @stefan-johansson said in Amplifihd Router Power Supply:

    My power supply is dead and is still within warranty

    If you are in warranty, our RMA department can get you a replacement for free so you would not have to purchase one. Currently, only the US webstore has the adapters for sale so if you were wanting to purchase one directly from us at this point you would need to purchase a US-EU adapter.

  • @ui-brett Great. I have created an RMA for my device since there was no adapters in stock. Thank you.

  • @ui-brett
    Just recieved a fast response from your RMA department. They want me to send a 12$ power supply halfway around the world so they can examine it?
    "Once your RMA is physically received and processed, we'll work to get a replacement unit to you as soon as possible."

    Is it even legal that you sell these devices in almost all parts of the world but I can only buy the power supply in U.S and then I even need to buy an adapter to make it work? And its not even available in store. Im not sure what to do here...? What would you do?

  • @stefan-johansson If you received an RMA # please DM that to me. That sounds like the auto response email to receiving your request, which most claims being for the product which does need to be shipped makes sense, not so much for your case.

  • Another power supply dead here. Listed as out of stock on the website and getting nowhere with support. Being bounced around between RMA and Store.
    I’m UK based. How can I get a power lead??

  • @jason-baker-0 have you tried UK resellers?

  • UPDATE: US AmpliFi power supplies are now in stock and sold on our webstore:

  • Will these be back in stock anytime soon? I have a dead power supply and I do have an RMA number, but still haven't heard back about some questions no have (like no longer having the original packaging). I'd like to atleast get a second power supply as a spare and in hopes of getting back up and running as soon as possible.

  • @phil-cozzo Hi Phil, I will update this thread as soon as we receive an update about this stock.

  • Hello
    my power supply to my router has stopped working. i live in sweden and need a new one. where can I get one?

  • @husamh Currently AmpliFi Store only has US adapters available. You would need to submit a claim through our RMA department at

  • Kid turned my power strip off power adapter dead. Amplifi store out of stock ... really nice ... what a peace of garbage.

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