Teleport Still Very Slow After Update to 2.7

  • Did the kernel rewrite make it into the 2.7 update for the Teleport? I think not as I’m still seeing abysmal speeds on it. It’s as if there have been no changes at all actually. If this is the case, this is the most disappointing update yet. Before I get too bent out of shape, I just want to hear back from Amplifi to see if the kernel updates actually made it in or not (either way it’s disappointing b/c if they didn’t make it in, Amplifi missed a huge deadline. If this is the rewritten kernel, then it’s NOT working).

    So what’s the deal Amplifi? @UBNT-Gunars et al.


  • @jayson-knight Hi Jayson! This update improves router Wi-Fi performance and adds the additional SSID feature (custom SSID on any node; most useful for IoT clients). We're working on other Wi-Fi performance improvements right now. The VPN backend swap didn't make it into this release, and should land in internal beta early July. The delay is because it's tied to removing router environment constraints (e.g. needing direct access to a public IP, setting up port forwarding or enabling UPnP) for Teleport.

  • @ubnt-gunars Ok not a problem at all, thank you very much for the update, I know you guys have been slammed. So far loving the rest of the update, will post more of my thoughts about it on the 2.7 announcement thread.

    You guys are awesome. Looking forward to the next round of updates.

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