First Mesh Points and then Router disconnects, randomly

  • So after purchasing a brand new HD kit on ebay (to save $ but in hindsight a bad idea), my mesh points randomly disconnect and then a few minutes later, my router disconnects.
    I had a lengthy online chat with Becky D (from support) and at the end she suggested I just send in the kit for a replacement.
    As luck has it, because it was an ebay purchase and the "date code" is out of date. So no warranty and they basically told me I was S.O.L.
    Has anyone else seen this issue before? If so what was your resolution (aside from sending it back in).
    I'm really disappointed as I had an RMA number and everything but they cancelled it due to the date code being out of warranty.
    Lame... brand new, goes to crap in a week's time and I'm left here with a randomly disconnecting brick of a router.

  • I should state that after recycling power to both the router and modem, my router and mesh points will work for a while before disconnecting again.

  • @bill-smith We could take a look at your support files if you can collect them after the problem occurs but before any restarts (which erase logs). Would be best if you sent them directly to

  • I've sent in the logs, but have not heard back.

  • @bill-smith You must have sent them to support. I don't see anything in my email. Can you give me some details about your submission so I can find them (in private message)?

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