Can I plug 2 routers on the same modem?

  • Hi.
    I have my modem on the 2nd floor and the router on the 1st floor.
    CanI plug another router on the 3rd floor directly on the modem with the same SSID, or do I need to plug the new router (3rd floor) on the existing router (1st floor)?

  • @carlo-de-luca You can do one of two things:

    • Use the 2nd router as an access point (just join it to the existing wifi network, and it’ll act just like a mesh point, same SSID, and you can set up a secondary SSID as well)
    • Use an ethernet cable and set it up as a wired backhaul device to get better speeds

    Personally I’d save my money and just get a mesh AP, unless you really want a 2nd router.

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