Couple of Suggestions / Features

  • I've come from using a nighthawk router to the amplifi at the suggestion of a coworker. So I did and am beginning to regret. For this device to be useful there are a few features I feel would be useful.

    1. Scheduling Reboots of the device during non-peak times. I had my old device set up to reboot once a week around 3 am. My amplifi requires a reboot once every 2-3 days or it bogs down really badly.

    2. True Parental Controls - Again netgear has theirs set up with OpenDNS which is super slick and this feature would be great for parents like myself.

    3. A way to throttle a group of devices. Like, sure you can pause a group of devices, but if you want to limit them to a certain amount of bandwidth that'd be a nice feature to have.

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