Amplifi HD -> BT Infinity (UK)

  • I have BT Infinity to the premises, and I'm struggling. If I connect to my BT Smart Hub ( it works well, but I feel this is missing the point. Shouldn't the Amplifi HD connect directly to my fibre modem?

    If I do that, use PPPoE and use the username of and password BT - I don't get any connection!

    Please help!

  • Hi,
    You need to use your BT username and password to connect the AMPLIFI Router to the internet via your modem.
    Just using the generic BT login and password won’t work.

    I was having the same problems as you, so I ran my router in bridge mode for a while.

    If you login to your BT Homehub, you should find all the settings, just copy them and enter onto your AMPLIFI router.

    Best regards,

  • Only BT Business has a username and password. BT retail services use the generic and password bt.

    I'm using my Openreach HG612 and AmpliFi system right now to type this and the only thing I have configured is PPPoE with the above username and password.

    I also use cloudflare and for the DNS.

    You can enable IPv6 also, select DHCP6 with no clientID. AmpliFi will report internet problems in the App but it works fine.

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