Firmware v2.7.1 Released

  • @mark-roberts Can you get your setup to perform better if you change the 5 GHz channel?

  • I would like this too. I am still having issues with an IoT garage door opener. Always thought the issue was the mesh. Creating separate 2.4GHz SSIDs on two different end points (both HD cubes) is still showing the problem, yet a cheap D-Link exhibits no issues. Now that I can isolate the signal on a non-meshed point I am beginning to see that the issue, after a year of troubleshooting, is probably an Amplifi-issue and possibly a hardware issue.

    Letting each configuration run for about a day to see the results, more later.

  • @ubnt-gunars ABSOLUTELY!!! I tested my devices until I landed on 149 for 5GHz ( which provides the best AC connection). I understand this is a USA issue only however I haven't had any problems AT ALL with connections since I set the channel. I agree that others may need to test channels and set the best one for their environment.

  • @ubnt-gunars
    Below are wireless survey (my SSID's are start with mark-) I just did, and I can see 153 being used by a neighbor, but I could try changing to 149 and hopefully he would auto discover to a non-overlapping channel. That said, everything I have checked following an update all of my nodes have been on 36. I am more concerned with the 2.4Ghz band, a few IOT devices still use 2.4 and I have them on dedicated SSID's. What is concerning is previously the mesh points were on 1,6,11 and now they are on 1,1,11. (one moved to 11 since I last looked and they were all on 1). The IOT devices I tend to have issues with are on 2.4 due to range or not supporting 5Ghz. I have not seen issues with 5Ghz devices for the last several updates.



  • On which beta is this firmware based?

    I'm using 2.7.0rc4 now

  • @ubnt-gunars @ubnt-gunars does this auto selection change while the device is running? Something I always thought is the longer the system is up the better wifi connectivity I have. Or maybe it is my neighbor APs changing their channels, as if Amplifi is a bully haha

  • @ubnt-gunars You should integrate an "automatic channel check" for the system to scan the radio environment daily and verify the best channel is selected...

  • Anybody see trouble with Skype? I suddenly get a lot of distorted audio on a Mac after the update.

    Throughput and internet xfer rates seem fine.

  • @michaele Probably your neighbors adapting. We're only changing channels on restarts and when the user commands it.

  • @scott-mckinney Yes, we though about doing that and adding some sort of channel health indicator.

  • Hi @ubnt-gunars - a channel survey from every mesh point would be great. Could this health indicator also asses bandwidth?

  • @ubnt-gunars "self healing" could be a selling point.

  • @ubnt-gunars that would be awesome to see the rssi and channel link rates and such

  • I read somewhere that the hardware supports my MU-MIMO when will this be enabled may I ask?

    Another thing is is it possible to add a feature so that we can see the link rate bettween the base router and the mesh points, that would really help when trying to choose which channel to use, as well as the rssi and the
    -dbm of the channel that's in use, also helps with trouble shooting.

  • Hi @jayson-knight - I believe @Edward-Dolezal is looking for Multi-User (MU) MIMO.

    For further reading if interested, this is an older SNB article on MU-MIMO debating the merits of implementation.

    SNB also has a review of a similar mesh system to AmpliFi which states it supports MU-MIMO but "which delivers little benefit in general..."

    So while the AmpliFi hardware is probably technically capable of supporting MU-MIMO, it might not be worth the effort to implement on the current hardware platform.

  • @derek-saville yes mumimo and the units are a 3 stream design.

  • Hi @edward-dolezal - oops, thanks for the catch, I was thinking more along the lines that 3 streams can only allow for a single 2 stream client + 1 additional single stream client.
    Since many clients, like iPhones are negotiating 2x2 MIMO connections, then two such clients won't utilize MU-MIMO on a 3 stream AP.
    Is that correct?

  • @derek-saville well I've read that there is a possibility for my mimo support in the hardware, but as far as I've read it's three streams to the mesh points and one or two to the clients, I'm going to guess that the third stream is back haul, or sister not enabled in client connections, I could be wrong I'm not a devloper. As far as I'm aware it would mean a dedicated stream for each device.

  • @ubnt-brett are there different versions of the hardware that aren't compatible with the 2.7.1 update? I bought a unit Friday and it worked great for a day on a 1.whatever update (possibly 1.6.8). The app installed 2.7.1 on the router and theoretically the two mesh points and pretty much turned the unit into a glowing doorstop with 1 bar signal strength. I reloaded 2.7.1, and then fell back to 2.6.3, and no reliable wifi. The unit claims there's no internet connection even though I downloaded the firmware downgrade via a hardwired connection to that same router.

    Is there any significant user base actually running a 2.? firmware? It's looking like this is a Kickstarter product with a handful of users.

  • @nathan-cahill yeah have the same issue. It’s strange. Support had me switch mesh point towers with the bases, set manual channels, and ultimately factory reset. Still having the issue - running KillerWIFI with intel dual band ac 3160. Here’s the weird part: only happens when my laptop is in the device - mesh - router configuration. If I move the laptop so it’s closer to the router - no problem.

    Aside from support suggestions, I’ve updated/reinstalled drivers, repositioned mesh points, and disabled 5ghz on other devices.

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