Firmware v2.7.1 Released

  • @derek-saville well I've read that there is a possibility for my mimo support in the hardware, but as far as I've read it's three streams to the mesh points and one or two to the clients, I'm going to guess that the third stream is back haul, or sister not enabled in client connections, I could be wrong I'm not a devloper. As far as I'm aware it would mean a dedicated stream for each device.

  • @ubnt-brett are there different versions of the hardware that aren't compatible with the 2.7.1 update? I bought a unit Friday and it worked great for a day on a 1.whatever update (possibly 1.6.8). The app installed 2.7.1 on the router and theoretically the two mesh points and pretty much turned the unit into a glowing doorstop with 1 bar signal strength. I reloaded 2.7.1, and then fell back to 2.6.3, and no reliable wifi. The unit claims there's no internet connection even though I downloaded the firmware downgrade via a hardwired connection to that same router.

    Is there any significant user base actually running a 2.? firmware? It's looking like this is a Kickstarter product with a handful of users.

  • @nathan-cahill yeah have the same issue. It’s strange. Support had me switch mesh point towers with the bases, set manual channels, and ultimately factory reset. Still having the issue - running KillerWIFI with intel dual band ac 3160. Here’s the weird part: only happens when my laptop is in the device - mesh - router configuration. If I move the laptop so it’s closer to the router - no problem.

    Aside from support suggestions, I’ve updated/reinstalled drivers, repositioned mesh points, and disabled 5ghz on other devices.

  • @keith-stone No there are not different version of the hardware that aren't compatible with the latest update, or any update for that matter.
    Can i ask you to generate a copy of the support files from your device when all components are connected and experiencing the loss of signal strength and/or getting the no internet connection error?

    In the email please reference this community post and myself.
    Thank you,

  • @kevin-stanson Did you share you support file with us?

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