2 Amplifi HD Routers 1 SSID

  • Hello and good evening everyone,

    I am new to the Amplifi HD family and purchased everything today. Shoutout to my local MicroCenter store in DC 🙂

    My issue is that I live in a 3-story stacked townhouse with a garage on the bottom so technically a 4-story townhouse. I have Verizon FiOS Gigabit service 940/880 and I am using the default Verizon Quantum Gateway router/modem with the wifi turned off. I performed my install from the bottom up. I followed the instructions to a T and got my initial Amplifi HD up and running along with the 2 antennae (1st floor and 2nd floor) so I then decided to install the 2nd Amplifi HD router in my bedroom on the 3rd floor and in the app I noticed it said join existing network and I did that and I named it My Room to that effect...Long story short I noticed my wifi when I am in the garage, 1st, and 2nd floors are usually 150MB+ up/down but in my bedroom on the 3rd floor it is barely above 50MB+ up/down...I noticed in my setup that I can put the HD router that is directed connected to my VZ router into bridge mode but no option for my other HD router in my bedroom even though it is connected to my network via a wired connection. Am I missing something guys? Please advise.....

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