IPv6 BT Broadband UK works but diagnostics gives error

  • When I switch on IPv6 it works fine, it passes all the online IPv6 tests (I get 20/20 on http://ipv6-test.com/) but the AmpliFi App constantly reports the error shown below.

    I’m using PPPoE for my connection and DHCP6 in the AmpliFi config.

    I believe it must be a bug or issue with the diagnostic test.

    alt text

  • @UBNT-Gunars

    Is the reason below why the Diagnostics is showing an error but IPv6 is working fine on all my client devices?

    The BT IPv6 implementation does not assign an IPv6 address on the WAN, but instead uses link local. The global address will only be seen on the LAN.

    From section 4.4.4 of SIN 472 BT Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) Products where they describe the addresses they assign for IPv6.

    "An End User Access service on IPv6 will have 2 address types:

    • A dynamic WAN address using Link Local. This will be automatically generated by the CPE and does not need to be provided by the CP. This address is not globally routable and not advertised out to the CP;
    • A globally routable IPv6 delegated prefix for use on the CPE LAN. The IPv6 addressing for the IPv6 delegated prefixes will be provided by the CP. The CPE will obtain an IPv6 Delegated Prefix from the BRAS by running DHCPv6. The delegated prefixes will be advertised out to the CP."

    In the above CP is the 'Communications Provider' router and CPE is 'Customer Premises Equipment'

  • @peter-farrar Could you please send me support info from your router when IPv6 is enabled?

    Amplifi App -> Router icon -> Support info

    Send it to dima@ubnt.com

  • @Dmitrijs-Ivanovs

    I've sent you the support info.

  • I have the same thing today, any update?

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