App can‘t connect to Router Settings

  • Hello,

    I have an Problem with the iOS App and the Router Settings.
    I habe two Router and two Mesh Points an one wlan Network.

    The wlan is Running und all is Fine, but when I Start the App, i Show the Router Network, green Status and the Running Time.
    Then i Click for the Settings and the App will connect, but i get an timeout error (666)

    The Firmware and the App are the newest, i have restart all.

    Have anyone the same Problem?

  • Same problem for me 😕

  • Hello @kevin-adametz & @Yavor-Yankov,

    This is not a know issue. Can you please reproduce the issue, then after receiving the (666) error then generate support files for us to examine.

    To generate support files you will need to access the router through a computer. Connect to the network and navigate to http://AmpliFi.lan/support.php

    Once the files have been generated please email them to me at

    Can you also test remote access to see if you experience the same issue? Enable remote access with either Google or Facebook>>Disconnect from your home WiFi>>access the application.

    Thank you

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