Hello - Brother Printer = Major Frustrations

  • I have a Brother printer (MFC-J6935DW) that used to work fine on the network. Now, nothing. My desktop can see it but it says it is offline. I cannot print to it from any device. Help?!

  • I don't know if our printers would be similar or not, but on my older Brother printer (MFC-490CW) I had to go into the printer menu settings, go into Network, then WLAN, and use the Setup Wizard to direct the printer to log in to the network.

  • All printers equal major frustration. Sorry bro. Best of luck

  • My brother printer (Model 7840W) likewise will not work with my Amplifi HD system. Annoying because it worked fine with my Unifi system. I've had to hardwire it.

  • @nick-transier My personal printer is a brother as well and I have shared these same frustrations. I have had these issues with multiple networks though (not just AmpliFi) and my fix was to download the print management software provided by brother. After doing that I was able to print wirelessly, scan from the printer to my computer wirelessly and manage the printer.

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