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  • I’d like to see an option in the DHCP server to specify what the hosts should use as the internal DNS server. I’ve got a home server running DNS and it’s a pain having to statically assign it in my host IP configurations.

  • @nathan-murray I didn’t even think about this since I have my own internal DHCP server. What does the Amplifi DHCP assign as the DNS servers? This is a strange omission now that I think about it, and never noticed it before.

  • @nathan-murray I may be misunderstanding the question but from what I can see the Amplifi HD becomes the DHCP server.

    To set the Amplifi HD as the DHCP Server.

    1. Open the Amplifi app.
    2. Tap the picture of the Amplifi device.
    3. Tap Settings.
    4. Tap Internet.
    5. Tap Network Type.
      Options displayed (Static, DHCP, PPOE)
    6. Tap DHCP. The resulting check mark indicates the HD will supply non-static addresses.

    Then do the following:

    1. Open the AmpliFi app.
    2. Tap the picture of the AmpliFi router.
    3. Tap DHCP Server.
    4. Configure the following:
      • Range: Select the IP address range to use.
      • Subnet: Select the subnet mask to use. (IOS App only)
      • Start: Enter the starting IP address of the available range.
      • End: Enter the ending IP address of the available range.
      • Lease Validity: Select the duration of time for which IP addresses are valid.
      • Static Leases: You can assign a fixed IP address to a specific device. Select this option and then tap +.
        a. Enter a descriptive name.
        b. Enter the MAC address of the device.
        c. Select the IP address that you want to assign.
        d. Tap ✓.
    5. Tap Apply to save your settings.

  • @james-earl-ford He’s asking how to keep the router as the DHCP server, but use his own internal DNS servers. Most DHCP servers have an option to assign DNS servers when they assign IP leases, for example, on Windows servers, it’s DHCP option 006.

    @Nathan-Murray Have you tried assigning the router a static IP address, then manually setting the IP addresses of your internal DNS servers on that static lease? That way, your clients get an IP address from the router (which also configures the router as the DNS server I’m assuming), then the router forwards DNS queries to your internal DNS servers? I’m not sure this will work as I haven’t tried it (I use Windows DHCP/DNS on my home domain, and have DHCP set up on my router to only assign one IP lease to a dummy MAC address).

  • New to the forums but I did this already at a vet that hired me. They have a Windows' domain that needed to use their internal DNS settings. I performed this task by browsing to the Amplifi view web UI and selecting the Bypass DNS Cache option. Save out... change your DNS setting in the Internet section of the App for your internal private address. i.e. Domain Controller. Make sure you have your DNS configured correctly for a public DNS and reverse lookup. Your clients should have the Amplifi as the default gateway but the DNS primary and secondary will be whatever you entered. The third DNS entry would still be your Ampfili itself so the App still works to manage the system via mobile device.

    Hope that helps.

  • I was just in this situation and had no idea the web panel had an option to bypass. Thanks so much for the solution!

  • @jayson-knight The AmpliFi has a settings to do this for IPv4. It just below the rest of the DHCP settings.
    [Cube]->Internet->Primary DNS / Secondary DNS
    I don't see how to do it for IPv6.

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