Additional SSIDs and IoT devices - still having issues

  • I have been fighting with Amplifi and my Chamberlain My-Q garage door opener for well over a year. It was so bad that I switched to other brands (which were returned for other reasons) and keep falling back to Amplifi.

    The thought was always that the mesh was creating the disconnect issues. With 2.7.x I was able to create non-mesh SSIDs and I thought this would finally solve everything. Not so fast.

    I created 2 additional SSIDs, one on a bridged HD and one on the primary router HD. I also had an extra D-Link router that I used as a control device. I connected the My-Q to each of the SSIDs for a day and checked the number of resets. Here are the results:

    With Amplifi mesh
    Security: WPA2-AES
    Security Value: 4
    Resets per day: 185

    With Amplifi standalone SSID (close)
    Security: WPA2-AES
    Security Value: 4
    Resets per day: 192

    With Amplifi standalone SSID (far)
    Security: WPA2-AES
    Security Value: 4
    Resets per day: 181

    With D-Link standalone
    Security: WPA2-Mixed
    Security Value: 6
    Resets per day: 1

    If you look at the resets per day, across the board, whether it is mesh or either additional SSID, basically it loses connectivity about every 6-8 minutes. But on a cheap D-Link it loses connectivity once a day.

    The biggest difference I can see is that the Amplifi security is WPA2-AES and for the D-Link it is WPA2-Mixed (meaning TKIP and AES).

    There is no setting (on either manufacturer) to manage this connection, only setting to WPA or WPA2.

    Any ideas on where to turn next?

  • Just created a guest network and set it to WPA (not WPA2) to see how that works. The problem is that while it is on the guest network I have no way to get at the console because the IP is on the other side of the “firewall”. Anyone have a good tip for accessing a client device on a guest network? I tried connecting to the guest network but I cannot access it via the IP address when I am connected.

  • Worked on the guest network and never had any outages but I could not tell whether there were disconnects because I could not get through the firewall.

    Then I put it back on the primary mesh, and ran that one with WPA (only) for a while, still saw disconnects

    Security: WPA2-AES
    Security Value: 4

    But then I reset the security to WPA2. Now I am not seeing resets and then checked on the status:

    Security Type: WPA2-MIXED
    Security Value: 6

    To me it looks like the reset issue is tied to how the device is connecting to the network on the security protocol.

    Any insights?

  • @john-fruehe could you post a screenshot of your AmpliFi SSID set-up? I may have a lead on the problem.

  • This post is deleted!

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