upgrading error on Mesh Router console?

  • For the past two updates, my amplifi's screen just says "upgrading". I have power cycled the router numerous times even did a factory reset but the issue is the same. Network is up and everything looks peachy from the my android app. But this error is a bit annoying. I've opened a ticket on this but I was wondering if anyone else has seen this?


  • Hi

    Did you find out how to solve your problem? I have the same issue.

  • @Milad-Mahmoudi Hi. Please contact our support and fill the form that is available here.
    This more efficient and faster way for us to help you.
    Thank you!

  • Did you get any help from Amplifi on this? I just got the same problem happening on mine. Contacted Amplifi Support who said they couldn't do anything because it was hardware and referred me to Ubiquiti. I don't really understand the difference, but ok, however I couldn't even submit my problem for help there because apparently it's out of warranty. I've really liked this router but it's only 2 years old and frustrated that nobody will help and they won't stand behind their product when this seems to be a known problem!

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