Use AmpliFi router with existing router

  • Is it possible to use the HD router with an existing third party router in a wireless mesh mode? I have a decent router downstairs but coverage is poor upstairs and would like to use the AmpliFi HD as a wireless bridge upstairs. Is this doable?

    I would like to use the router over the smaller points as I need the Ethernet ports.


  • @sam-atkin Yes it is. I know because I've just now set up my Amplify HD Router to work will my Bell 2000 modem (I'm in Canada and Bell is my ISP). For me, I had to first set it up using the wired ethernet (I created a new wifi network called Test). Then, once set up, I updated the firmware to the most current version. Then, I did a factory reset and set it up to mesh with my Bell 200 0 router by running the setup again using the app. This time choose to set up "standalone". It will list existing wifi networks. Pick yours, enter the wifi password and you are good to go - it will mesh with your 3rd party router.

    Amplifi tech support help (I think his name was Chase). Tech support at Amplifi (and Ubiquiti) is awesome. Thank you Chase!

    Now, the one issue I have is that the time is showing in AM/PM format. Need to change it to 24 hr display. I haven't used AM/PM since grade school!

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