VMWare Issue

  • Not sure if I'm alone here. I have VMWare workstation pro installed on my Win10 machine.
    Any Linux hosts I create are unable to obtain an ip address from the Amplfi router, If I switch my DHCP to another router or one of my other servers it seems to work fine.

    Running a scan on the lan when using an alternate DHCP service I can see the other devices showing with a shared mac address.

    • Mac: AB:CD:EF:01:02:34 IP: Host 1
    • Mac: AB:CD:EF:01:02:34 IP: VM 1
    • Mac: AB:CD:EF:01:02:34 IP: VM 2
    • Mac: AB:CD:EF:01:02:34 IP: VM 3

    Yet when I use the Amplifi for DHCP the host gets an IP address I'm assuming the amplifi will only assign one ip per mac/device.

    Any ideas?

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