Last seen location?

  • Able to see last location / time a Teleport unit was used?

    Sadly I think I've left my Teleport unit somewhere hoping that I can get a last location so I know where / who to contact to see if they've seen it.

  • @jayson-knight Yeah, you can see it when it's connected but not after the fact. Sadly I'm pretty sure my teleport unit is gone at this point so I need to get another.

    Feature Idea #2 - Possible to add a geofence to teleport unit? I normally keep it in the same room when using it then take it with me when I leave. What about setting up a geofence say 1 mile that if you leave it the app pops up a little "Did you forget your teleport?"

    Sure some will leave it full time but having an option would be awesome!

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