Bluetooth & Amplifi App Connection Issues

  • Hi,

    I have updated to 2.00,(both amp and app) and still face issues with the app connecting to the amp. I find that more and more I have to turn off the amp, turn off bluetooth on my iPhone, turn on bluetooth, turn on amp, and maybe it will connect (the bluetooth always connects, its the app that has issues). I have deleted, reinstalled the Amplifi app a few times now, and while it works for awhile, it seems crazy to do this on a consistent basis. What else can be wrong with this app? Ive had alot of Line 6 products and this is by far my most disappointing experience I have had with their product. Are their any updates (future)coming to address this issue?

    Please help.

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  • You’re in the wrong forum. This Amplifi is a mesh Wi-Fi system made by Ubiquiti. Try

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