Is there really a significant user base for this product?

  • I was told by a Best Buy rep that AMPLIFI units just weren't getting any publicity and were more reliable than Linksys. On that advise I bought an HD with two mesh points and I was initially delighted. After it had been working for about a day the app recommend a firmware update, and since then the router has been a glowing doorstop with 1 bar signal strength.

    It's starting to seem like there are maybe a few thousand customers (tops) and the Best Buy guy was trying to sucker me into buying something to clear the shelf.

    Is this a real product?

  • Hi @keith-stone - can you factory reset all 3 devices, obtain your desired previous build of the firmware from Support, then downgrade the firmware to the version it originally came with or whatever works for you?

    I would also suggest leaving the MeshPoints offline to start with and just get the router up and working, testing to be sure everything is working properly.

    For me, firmware 2.6.3 has worked very well without wireless mesh points, but there are a vast number of experiences reported on this forum with a variety of issues for each release.

    Only after the router is up and working well would I then suggest bringing the MeshPoints online one at a time and thoroughly checking everything again.

    From my experience, if the router isn't rock solid on its own, the MeshPoints will only make things frustratingly worse...

  • @keith-stone yes, it is a real product and it is made by a real company (Ubiquiti) that makes commercial equipment.

    Based on how much crappy network equipment is out there, the issue is typically that consumer products tend to be flakier than commercial.

    One experience is not a trend, just an incident.

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