Make teleport work with USG's

  • I currently have 3 sites with USG's and would be nice if I could use a teleport with them. Or maybe even us the teleport instead of a USG and be able to have them on the same network. I know about tunnel ect. but I would like to use this instead.

  • I agree with Timothy's suggestion to enable connection between Teleport and USG. Currently, I have an Amplifi HD operating in Bridge Mode on my Unifi Network with a USG3 as my router/gateway. I have found that I only need to use enable UPNP on my Unifi Controller for a few minutes while my Teleport is initially plugged in at my remote location. Once the Teleport-Amplifi connection is created, I can turn off UPNP and the Teleport-Amplifi connection continues to work for multiple days (assuming no network / internet connectivity problems at my remote location). Maybe the Amplifi code that allows a Teleport to connect to it could be added to the USG firmware and then enabled or disabled, depending on whether a Teleport is used or not.

  • @bruce-cole hi Bruce! You can also use port forwarding instead of UPnP.

  • @ubnt-gunars Thanks. Are the ports used by Teleport/Amplifi different than the usual L2TP/Ipsec ports? I want to keep my USG VPN enabled so that I can use it when I am mobile and cannot use the Teleport.
    PS. I just submitted form for Amplifi Beta.

  • @bruce-cole the port (just 1) is chosen manually, in router web portal http://amplifi.lan. You need to forward both TCP and UDP traffic to it. Once you configure the port, it won't be trying to use UPnP anymore, even if it's available.

  • I have USG, teleport has always worked with it. Put the amplifi router in bridge mode and enable upnp on the USG.

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