Unknown Samsung device in my network

  • Hello everyone! After years of deploying Ubiquiti hardware in several places, I'm really enjoying my Amplifi HD system.

    I was watching a movie with my wife and suddenly a message showed up on the TV screen "A Samsung J5 is trying to connect"(or something like that). Using the iOS app and the Amplifi Beta web interface, I noticed a Samsung device in my network (two different MAC addresses, one for each band). Since my teen daughter gives the Wi-Fi password for all her friends, I imagined that a neighbor could be using my network and trying to stream any image or video to my TV. So I changed the SSID and password but the Samsung device demains listed in the "family" page of the Amplifi app, even immediately after I changed the password. It shows a slow network usage (0-30 kbps). The MAC address decode shows that it is a Samsung device, but all the Samsung devices that I have are a TV and two Bluray players, all using wired connections... I restarted the system and it's still there... I don't use a second SSID or Guest network.

    Any hint? Thanks!

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