Amplifi HD as a mesh point query

  • @UBNT-Gunars

    Hi there. If you configure a second HD as a mesh point do you lose the use of the gigabit ports on the back at all ?

  • It works just fine. My router is at one end of my apartment where my cable connection is. I installed a second HD in my office about 30 feet away behind 3 walls, including one containing the plumbing for my apartment and the one above. From my previous set-up, I was able to reuse an Ethernet cable to set up an Ethernet backhaul between the two Amplifi devices. The office HD, operating as a mesh point also connects via a short ethernet cable to my VOIP box with no difficulty.

    I believe that using HD boxes as mesh points provides greater flexibility than Amplify plug-In mesh points at only a small additional cost.

  • Hi @tim-sparling-0 - all 4 LAN ports on the second HD router as a mesh point will be available in both wired Ethernet backhaul and wireless backhaul modes.

    You will sacrifice one LAN port on the main HD router (connected to the WAN port on the second HD router mesh point) if you go with wired Ethernet backhaul.

    You don't lose any LAN ports on the main HD router if you use wireless backhaul

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