Configuring the Teleport standalone.

  • I bought the Teleport standalone and plugged it in. It's broadcasting an open SSID and routing traffic to the internet. But instead of displaying a configuration screen it tells me to connect to an Amplifi router which I don't have, want, or need at this time. I don't even have internet at my legal residence because I travel most of the year. All I need is a small travel AP with 5GHz which this device supports.

    How do I configure the SSID and encryption on the Teleport "standalone?"

  • Hi @sol-reynolds - I don't believe the standalone Teleport is intended for your application needs.

    The Teleport is a VPN portal device for connecting back to a home network with an AmpliFi HD router.

    The 'standalone' version is meant for people who already own AmpliFi HD routers installed at home and just want to add a simple VPN - versus the Teleport Kits which include a pre-paired AmpliFi HD router for new installations.

    If you are looking for a travel access point I would recommend returning the Teleport.

  • @derek-saville That's unfortunate. What a weird thing to sell a "standalone" AP (w/VPN client) that requires another piece of hardware solely to configure wireless SSID and encryption settings. I can only imagine the problems customers are having when they are traveling and need to reconfigure their Teleport.

    Hopefully there's a way without requiring direct access to an Amplifi router. It seems like a no brainier.

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