Wired Backhaul via Wireless link?

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to set up an amplifi system for domestic use, sharing a single cable internet connection from a house to a few outlying buildings. The system works well in the house and the first few buildings, but on the edge of the block there is a solid double-brick building with no connectivity to the rest of the network (but with line of sight from the outside).

    Is it possible to put an external client AP (such as a loco m2) on the outside of the building connecting to the amplifi system and put an amplifi mesh router to this via wired backhaul?

  • Hi @anton-marinov - any transparent data link layer 2 wireless bridge should work

    I am currently using an HD router as a remote mesh point in wired backhaul mode behind a Teleport through the internet...

    Home Network -> HD Router -> Modem -> Internet -> Modem -> Remote WiFi Router -> WiFi -> Teleport -> Ethernet Cable -> HD Router Home Network Wired Backhaul Mesh Point

    The remote WiFi router's wireless link to the Teleport is essentially acting as a wireless point-to-point bridge and enabling the HD Router as a wired bachkhaul mesh point connected to the Teleport's Ethernet port works great

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