3rd Party Router MeshPoint HD with Ethernet Ports

  • Please consider a MeshPoint HD that is both compatible with existing 3rd party router WiFi setups and includes Ethernet ports.
    To potentially make it easier, just allow an option to configure an existing Amplifi HD Router as a MeshPoint HD on an existing WiFi network.

  • When is the next version of the mesh HD coming out? I hope it will have a Ethernet port so I could hook up my cameras

  • Are you using a 3rd party WiFi router or an Amplifi HD Mesh Router?

    If you use an Amplifi HD Mesh Router for your WiFi, then you can add another another HD Mesh Router to the network as a MeshPoint and utilize the Ethernet ports.

    But HD Mesh Routers cannot be utilized with a 3rd party WiFi router as a mesh point.

    Only the MeshPoint HD's can be added to a 3rd party WiFi network to extend the mesh.

  • @derek-saville That would cost me an extra $30-40 more where as the mesh is cheaper. Plus why would I want to place a nice HD router hiding in the garage.

  • I'd love to see a mesh "HD", with one or two RJ45 ports - I have a couple of devices at the extreme end of my network that are hard-wire only. At the moment I have to use a PoS NetGear extender, which has a port...

  • I’m new here, and I’m preparing to start setting up my two-cube AmpliFi HD Mesh Router network. I needed (at least one) Ethernet port on the 2nd device, which ruled out the MeshPoint HD. The difference in price between the two standalone items is only $25. And compared to some of the other options I looked at, I thought that was quite reasonable.

    Anyway, it’s going in my kitchen, and it looks cool too. 😉

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