DNSMasq and other

  • Hi,

    I am currently planning to upgrade my network architecture by starting with the buy of an AmplifiHD router.

    My current main router is an old tp-link n750 that is running the firmware DD-WRT.
    I was satisfied with it but now I have a lot of wifi device connected and I get some crash...too often.

    For internet, I have a fiber gigabyte connection but I do not want to use the router coming from my ISP to manage my network. So, the ISP's router is just passing the internet to my main router and from there i'm doing all the configuration I need.

    Right now, my complete setup looks like this :

    ISP router --> TP-LINK N750 (dd-wrt) serving ethernet connection to 3 servers and 1 AP....and serving WIFI network -->LINKSYS basic router in the garage acting as a WIFI AP

    I want to redesign this and start with :

    ISP router --> AmpliHD

    Later, I'll add Mesh AP if needed.

    My questions are :

    1. Is the AmplifiHD can replace my TP-LINK with no problem ?
    2. I'm using an option in DD-WRT named DNSMasq to assign Host to local IP.
      Example :
      etc. etc.
      So, with that, I can access my server locally by using the host.
      Is it something that I can configure with AmplifiHD ?

    Thanks in advance

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