Teleport Stuck In Loop After Failing To Connect To Captive Portal

  • Hi @ubnt-gunars - please send me the firmware file directly.
    I have a few Teleports and the ones I am currently traveling with are not on the Beta

  • @derek-saville Sent you the links.

  • Hi @ubnt-gunars - thank you!
    I will install & test this weekend and report back

  • @andrejs-hanins I’ll have to get this to you next time I experience the problem, I’m keeping your post copy/pasted into a OneNote notebook, and will send you the files when I can replicate this issue again (it is sporadic as @UBNT-Gunars said in his prior post)...I’m currently at a different Marriott property and am not having any issues. Stay tuned, and thank you SO much for that very detailed post. Gunars is right, this is going to be a tough one since it’s not a blanket “happens with all captive portals” issue. I’ll be in touch.

  • @ubnt-gunars I’m a little hesitant to try beta stuff on the Teleport since I rely on it for some pretty critical stuff when I travel (I do have backup VPN I can use, but it’s not my favorite thing to use). Do you know of any major regressions? And, can I update the Teleport if I’m not on my home network? I can’t remember if that’s possible. Can the Teleport be on a different firmware version than the rest of my Amplifi network?

    Hopefully we can get this figured out, b/c I really want to deploy Teleports to my remote contractors and get rid of my messy expensive VPN solution. Still waiting on the kernel rewrite for that as well though :-).

  • @jayson-knight hi Jayson! We don't know of any regressions in the latest firmware. Done manually, you'd need to update your mesh points first, then your router (both using Teleport), and only then update the Teleport itself. We can send links to firmware files. However, it would be much more convenient if you enrolled in beta and let the update apply to entire system automatically.

  • @ubnt-gunars If I opt in to betas, do I have to accept every new beta that comes out, or can I defer? I’m hoping it’s not an all or nothing thing, e.g. I sign up, then the betas just start rolling in. It makes me a little nervous because I run a side business where I need a bulletproof home network (at least until I can get the rest of it into Azure). But, the sooner I can be teleport only, the happier I’ll be and can roll out a few dozen of these devices to remote offices.

    LMK about my questions, then I’ll make a decision about the betas.

  • @jayson-knight the updates come in regularly, but you can safely ignore them. These betas later become GA, so if a version has been in beta for a while, it should be pretty stable.

  • Hi @ubnt-gunars - is there a fwupdate.php address for directly updating the Teleport firmware when you are remote and cannot access the home HD router?

  • @derek-saville yes, it's <Teleport IP>/fwupdate.php.

  • @ubnt-gunars I am also having captive portal trouble as well. Is it possible to send me the beta as well? I'm currently traveling in Sierra Leone and would really like to be connected over this week if possible.

  • @jayson-knight do I have something to tell you!

    I've been on the road and have noticed captive portal issues myself and found a work around. It appears to be an issue with DNS.

    What I've done, for example, with innflux WiFi which is at many major chains, it logged into the free WiFi first on my laptop and then copied the DNS servers. When setting up my Teleport I statically assign those DNS servers on my laptop before connecting to my Teleport. Then the captive portal functions just as it should, the Teleport reboots right when I'm about the get my 'acknowledgement / forwarding' page, and then I can change my DNS settings back to default after it comes up and I see the redirect took place.

    I'm pretty sure this is a bug, almost as if when using captive portal the DNS settings need to pass through to the client first and then when authenticated it can use the Amplifi DNS.

    Let me know if that helps!

  • I to have been running into captive portal problems when the client uses possible external DNS requests. The normal work around is to add IP addresses to my /etc/hosts file but sometimes that a real PITA. It would be nice if you guys could do a work around on this.

    Possible idea is when we run into that you have the device connecting (laptop) run through connecting to the captive portal and acquire all the needed URLs / IP addresses so that the teleport unit can handle the 2nd attempt. Call it captive portal fix or something. Don't know just a thought.

  • What about this same captive portal issue when trying to connect with a phone -- in this case a Android Google Fi phone.

    I'm running into this same DNS issue, but no way to easily modify a /etc/host file on my phone.

    Any ideas?

  • @pete-yakovich Outstanding!!! Your work-around works on the Marriott network that I have struggled with to get the Teleport to work. I had no problems with Holiday Inn last week, but fell into the 'loop' with a Marriott this week. Thanks for the tip!

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