Family profile option in Bridge Mode

  • Hello,
    I need a possibility to restrict the access of clients to the Mesh Point using bridge mode.

    Are there any possibilities?


  • @andreas-roos Bridge mode disables those features on AmpliFi

  • I know, thats why I am asking. There has to be a way doing this. Otherwise the feature is completely useless.

  • @andreas-roos by restricting access do you mean pausing a device similar to our feature already in place (when not in bridge mode) or are you thinking more along the lines of a whitelist/blacklist?

  • I want to restrict the connection times of a device due to WLAN access.

    E.g. for a device it should only possible to login for one hour a day even if the connection is paused, or that it is only possible to login in a specific period of time. Or a possible combination of both.

    Connection time: 16:00 - 20:00
    Access time with possible interruptions 1 hour

  • And to be honest: I cannot understand what the missing family feature using bridge mode is all about.

    Bridge Mode has to do with the connection and behaviour of the IP-Adresses between the LAN and the mesh point. Bridge ensures that all components are using the same subet.

    Family mode has to do with the connection of the clients to the mesh point.

    So in my opinion those two issues have nothing to do with each other.


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