what router to pair with Amplifi?

  • I am considering redoing my home wifi with a mesh system and need some basic advice. Right now I have a high-end gaming router (Asus RT-AC5300), an extender, and a wireless media bridge for my home theater stuff (TiVo, receiver, PS3, etc.). My home is 2400 square feet, single story, and I don't really want to run any wires anywhere...

    The Asus router has a lot of advanced features. Not only does it have a basic firewall, but it also has features such as DDNS registration, the ability to run an OpenVPN service on the router itself, good port forwarding options, etc. From what I have read, the Amplifi HD router has a basic firewall?

    I don't want to go overkill, but is it best to get a wired router to which to attach the Amplifi and just use the router's firewall and features, or is the Amplifi considered to be "good enough?"

    My goal would be to sell the RT-AC5300 and extender, continue to use the media bridge, and build a mesh system.

    Features I use on the RT-AC5300 that I would like to have in an Amplifi-based solution.

    • OpenVPN server (not a deal-breaker, but it is nice). It seems like AmpliFi Teleport could partially replace this).
    • Dynamic DNS registration with no-ip.org
    • I turn off UPnP and do a lot of port forwarding rules
    • NAT Passthrough so i can VPN without issue
    • QoS is nice, but not a deal breaker
    • Firewall - I use the basic firewall, plus DoS protection. I don't use keyword, URL, or network services filters.
    • The ability to assign MAC addresses a specific IP. Not a deal-breaker necessarily, but I really like this...

    Given the above, do I need a wired router in front of the Amplifi HD router, or will I be mostly fine with just using the Amplifi HD?

    If a wired router is recommended, which make/model? Would I be better served by a UniFi system?


  • @joe-granto If you're at all advanced, you'll find the AmpliFi system to be limiting.

    Personally, I have an EdgeRouter 4 in front of the AmpliFi, configured for all the stuff I need, e.g. L2TP VPN, port forwarding, custom DHCP stuff, etc. I use the AmpliFi in bridge mode and only use it for the Teleport.

    The Teleport is an amazing piece of kit and as silly as it seems, totally worth the cost of entry to buy an AmpliFi router just to use it.

  • @joe-granto Love the EdgeRouter lite. Same OS as the higher end versions with plenty of performance for home use. I switch between it using bridge mode on the AmpliFi and having the Amplifi handle things alone. Can't decide.
    There is certainly more you can do with QoS on the Edgerouter side.

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