Can't find where to set up VPN!

  • This must be a bug, because Amplify is a top notch router and the company surely takes privacy (or the lack of it) very seriously.

    I have many features I could suggest, but as long as there's no VPN, everything else is less important.

  • @dio-vayne The VPN solution is buying the Teleport for AmpliFi.

    As I see it, the ethos of the Ubiquiti product lines are as follows....

    AmpliFi line - consumer-friendly, low-setup demands (e.g. my router is an appliance, just make it work for me, I don't understand how the Internet works, I just need Internet in more rooms than it works in now)
    UniFi line - prosumer and businesses (e.g. I need something powerful and flexible, I have some advanced needs, but I'm not likely to want to mess with it much once it's set up. When I mess with it though, don't dumb it down for me.)
    EdgeMax line - enterprise-class (e.g. I know what I'm doing, I value the speed and control, I want my network my way, just let me manage it.)

    VPN in the AmpliFi world is you buy a Teleport, and it magically joins your home network and establishes its own tunnel. The Teleport is an appliance - they do not disclose the encryption method, tunnel method, etc. but generally speaking, you plug it in at a remote location, follow the wizard, and you end up connected back through your home without needing to understand anything about VPNs.

    Doesn't mean they will never make a software client for it, but AmpliFi was really meant to compete with the other consumer PnP mesh routers from Google, Eero, Plume, etc. That audience really doesn't do much with VPN beyond maybe their workplace mandating they connect with VPN back to the home office.

    If you demand a VPN client, best to look at UniFi or EdgeMax products.

  • Amplifi works fine with my VPN. I have a Synology NAS that includes VPN and proxy servers and I have no issue working with a variety of routers.

    I would argue that Teleport is fine for "low touch" customers who just want something simple to work, but if you want something a little more powerful you probably want to think about having your own VPN, unencumbered by the choices of the router company.

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