Activation USB Port for NAS support

  • Hello good support of this wonderful piece of equipment, i know this question has been asked before....multiple times and yes i am adding the same question. When is the update due when we can actually use this amazing option?

    It is almost a year get to work ๐Ÿ˜‰ !

    Thnx in advance, absolute fan!

  • I totally agree. I just replaced my Apple Airport Extremes with 2 of the HD's and would love to be able to hook up my Time Machine drive.


  • Aaaaand... nothing.

  • @daniel-la-porta @Steve-Strong-0 @Lucian-Oniscu Activating the USB port on the AmpliFi HD is something we will not be doing at this time and is not on the list of future changes. There has been some confusion around this in the past, I am sorry for the confusion.

  • @ubnt-brett That's unfortunate. This seems to be the most requested customer feature and you offer no explanation for dissing it while your competitors offer it. This is a deal breaker for me. I want to centralize backups and streaming for 8 PCs and portable devices and bought the HD because this community implied this capability would likely be offered in the near future. I have otherwise been very happy with my HD, but I will now be selling it and going elsewhere. Too bad Amplifi, we could have been great together!

  • What?? First I heard of this. I was browsing the forum reading on a performance problem. I stumbled onto this post.

    No USB storage support is an absolute deal breaker for me and one of the features I was waiting for (as it was reported it would be available, maybe incorrectly). Bummer and wish I knew about this earlier.

  • Boy howdy, that's kind of ridiculous. You say you're going to add it in a firmware update, and then you pull the rug out from under our feet? Not good. I'm pretty much going to find one that works with a Synology NAS plugged into the USB port, and then AmpliFi is gone.

    Now I really regret having bought the Teleport. What a dope I am.

  • This is extremely disappointing news indeed. The HD's USB port is one of the reasons why I purchased the AmpliFi HD system. I'm going to keep my Amplifi system however considering its overall performance. I've connected my old Time Capsule to it using Ethernet so all my Macs have a working backup system again but I was hoping to invest in an external RAID drive connected to the HD router instead of a NAS.

    Now if Amplifi would consider bringing out their own NAS with the quality and pricing similar to the rest of their products I'd put it at the top of my list for consideration....

  • @ubnt-brett So, when did you realize you aren't able to do it?

  • @ubnt-brett so may I ask as to what the reasoning behind it is?
    Considering that on my Asus router both USB ports are usable, or is it reserved for amplfi protect?
    Im just wondering why that's all.

  • Just a related follow up from the perspective of alternative network drive solutions due to the lack of USB support on the Amplifi HD. I purchased a WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra NAS and connected it to my Amplifi HD via Ethernet a few weeks ago for several Macs and a Win 10 PC to use for backups. The WD NAS isn't as fast as a Synology workstation NAS for example but it's considerably cheaper and easier to configure if you're not computer savvy.

    I'm also happy to report Time Machine recovery does work for Mac users after testing even though Apple doesn't support backing up to NAS devices other than Time Capsule. Lastly, the Amplifi HD is fully up to the task at hand even with the initial backups for two Macs and a Win PC running simultaneously over wireless while we streamed a movie on an Apple TV with no buffering - I'm impressed Amplifi ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @ubnt-brett That's too bad. Won't see my money in future revisions. Best of luck.

  • Old topic at this stage.
    Seems like a stupid decision by Amplifi.
    I wonder what marketing genius at Amplifi decided that this option is a low-priority feature.

  • @paul-moore-0 actually it makes logical sense considering the limited hardware especially ram considering that it only has a small amount.

  • Doesnโ€™t OpenWRT enable USB NAS on the same Qualcomm SoC platform as AmpliFi uses?

    You can probably get an idea of the pros vs cons and what the performance could have been on their forums

    Of course AmpliFi needs the extra CPU cycles to drive the LCD display instead, so more of a choice than a technical limitation

  • If I remember correctly the amount ram will correlate with the size (capacity in GB to TB) supported since the ram was used to cache the files on the drive atlest on the Asus routers.

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