Chromecast+Netflix with mesh router problems

  • Hello,

    I have one router (in one floor of my house) and two mesh AP, one in upper floor and another one on down floor.

    My chromecast is on the same room and floor as route. When I switch on the Chromecast it connect to the router (as expected) but when I'm watching a netflix show I'm always losing conection (I see the charging %)
    I realise that this is because the Chromecast is changing from router to the upper AP and viceversa. Also it change to 2ghz to 5ghz, up and down with a network lose (with it stream lose) on each AP change.

    Someone with the same issue? Any idea what's going on with Chromecast and amplifi?

    Any other device is working fine.

    Thank you!

  • @rafa-rodriguez I would recommend creating a separate SSID on the router and connect your Chromecast directly to that network to prevent it from hopping.