Help with Amplifi HD with FIOS setup

  • Been trying to add the HD mesh router with one mesh point to my FIOS setup. Googling it doesn't bring up much help, so I'm hoping someone tech savvy here can help out. Key points:

    -Have the FIOS MOCA router MI424WR 150/150
    -want to use the Amplifi has the primary router (not bridged)
    -Bridging loses some functionality such as guest network and family monitoring.
    -FIOS router is connected via ethernet from ONT

    For the life of me, I can't figure out how to let the Amplifi HD be the router of choice. I still need the FIOS MoCA router for the coaxial connection for my TV. Any advice or links is much appreciated.

  • @chito-sien Hi Chito! You could connect your AmpliFi to a LAN port on the FIOS router and set it to DHCP mode (I think it's the default one). AmpliFi will be the primary router for everything that you connect to it, it will preserve all the features, and your TV will still work. Double NAT is not a problem for remote access either.

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