Force Specific Devices to Connect to Router

  • Hi Guys

    Just installed my kit over the weekend and so far am very impressed. I went for the HD kit & additional router which I’m currently using as an AP via ethernet backbone and its working very well. One thing I have noticed is that when connected to the router I am getting advertised ISP speeds whereas via the mesh points point I do loose around 30-50mbps which is what i would expect, i have played about with various locations and have both mesh points showing 100% signal strength so I’m hoping I have an optimum setup.

    Is it possible to force a single device to connect to the router instead of an mesh point as i have one in my bedroom which my apple tv connects to however if I power off the mesh point and connect to the router I’m getting faster speeds.

    Appreciate your thoughts.

  • @daniel-bertolone Hi Daniel! Yes, you can pin clients to any node on the network by creating "Additional SSIDs".

  • Thanks for the reply, will check out the additional SSID.

    Also is there a way to force 5Ghz as I’m finding that a lot of my devices are connecting to 2.4.

    In terms of the router placement should the mesh points be on the same floor? I currently have the router in my lounge with a mesh point in the spare room on the same floor but also have the second mesh point In my bedroom which is in the second floor, I also have a stand-alone router on the same floor connected via Ethernet backbone in the office but am I right in thinking that the mesh points that came with the kit will only look for the main router? If so that’s a shame as it could be beneficial if you had a second router that could provide a stronger signal than the primary router.

  • @daniel-bertolone You can specify band when you set up additional SSID. I think the system will see all the mesh points as equal – wired or not, and then connect them to each other as it sees fit. Normally it tries to avoid daisy chaining, as that halves throughput, so you may have to make it extra difficult for that mesh point to connect to the router.

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