Backup router configuration.

  • After entering a mess of configuration, static leases, port forwarding rules, etc., I would really like to save the configuration of the router to avoid entering it all over again when I'm asked by support to do a factory reset. 🙂 I've never owned a router that didn't allow saving configuration to a file for reapplication. Thanks.

  • I agree... I just bought 2 HD's and can't believe there's no way to save your config.

    Also, the web interface should allow you to do the same things the app does in terms of config at least. When setting up new like I just did, it would make sense to be able to copy/paste info from my old config.

    And 1 more thing... you apparently can't config the device without having an internet connection. I just wanted to pre-configure everything and then do a quick swap to minimize down time and that's just not possible as it is.

    Have less than 1 day running these and seem to be happy so far with operation, just some basic config things missing as I point out.

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