Pausing internet access doesn't work

  • Hi, when pausing internet acces for all devices, nothing happens. I'm typing this message on my MacBook while connected to my Amplify HD router with internet access paused for over one hour. Pausing only one device makes no difference. I'm on the latest firmware (2.4.0). What's up?

  • No reaction at all?

  • I would chat directly inside the AmpliFi application. Easy support. Perhaps reboot. I am on 2.4 and it works for me. Tested pausing it on my Echo.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I’ve been having the same exact issue you describe for a number of weeks now since I first installed the Alien setup. Very disappointing. I’m also experiencing situations where WiFi signal goes to zero on my iPhone screen indicator (top right corner of screen) and WiFi stops working entirely, but the iPhone settings menu shows me at the same time having full WiFi and network connection. Arggggh

  • @clavav What other network equipment is being used in your home? Modem, modem router combo, a different router? Can you describe your topology for us please? We have examined support files and firmware around this feature and could not find any bugs, but if multiple WiFi broadcasts are being used from sources other than AmpliFi, this can create a backdoor for device to still connect when their device is paused in the app.

  • @UI-AmpliFi No other wifi equipment is being used in my house. Only the Alien router and two Alien mesh points.

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