How to connect hardwired device on other side of house from base unit

  • Howdy -- I am currently looking into replacing my current router with a mesh system. I like how the Amplifi solution has four ethernet ports in the basestation (since my alarm system and network hard drive would connect to that).

    However, we are going to have a solar system installed next month, and that also needs a hard wire connection, but it wouldn't be anywhere near the Amplifi base unit. It is my understanding that the satellite Amplifi units don't have an ethernet port.

    How would I get my solar connected to the internet when it's down in the basement and not neat the base Amplifi unit?


  • Hi @peter-wagner-0 - you could use a second HD Router with the Ethernet ports to create your mesh instead of using the MeshPoint HD's that don't have Ethernet ports

    You would just need to purchase 2 AmpliFi HD routers to set this up and many people, myself included, recommend this

    You can add more mesh points later only if you need them

  • @derek-saville
    Thanks. Just to be sure I understand, I would purchase a second main base station and it has an option to be "part of the mesh"? I would still want to have the satellite units to increase the WiFi range in my home (are those the MeshPoint HD?)

    Any problem, then, in having two Amplifi main base stations and two satellite units, all using the same SSID, etc.?


  • @peter-wagner-0 If you purchase a standalone AmpliFi-HD (AFI-R) it can be added as a mesh point to your network with no problems. There is also a feature once it has been added as a mesh to enable ethernet backbone which allows you to hardwire that second router to the network giving you the best possible wifi experience.

    If the second router is added wirelessly or using the ethernet backbone, the ethernet ports will be available on the second router so you can hardwire your solar system.


  • @ubnt-brett So it sounds like it will work. This is what I picture my setup to look like (anything hardwired via ethernet has a line). Note, I can't move the modem from the 2nd floor and I can't move the solar box.

    Still look OK?



  • @peter-wagner-0 said in How to connect hardwired device on other side of house from base unit:


    That setup will work for what I was describing. When you configure the additional router. I recommend plugging it in on your second floor next to your main router, then adding it to the mesh either via the application, or the prompt on the LCD screen. Then relocate to your basement after it has been added.

    Thank you for the diagram to clarify.

  • @ubnt-brett Awesome, thanks so much!!!

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