Introducing Teleport

  • Hi All -- This idea came out of my frustration of using 3rd party VPN services while I am away from my home; especially outside the country. I wanted a plug/play device I could install anywhere that would give me access to my home network complete with WiFi SSID setup (just as if I was sitting in my home). Teleport essentially is a "virtual mesh" extension of your existing AmpliFi WiFI network -- extending the WiFi signal to anywhere in the world.

    We have been testing internally for some time and now would like to get interested community members here involved

  • We will have more details soon

  • Wow - sounds really awesome! Definitely would be interested as I travel quite a bit and am constantly futzing with OpenVPN configs and troubleshooting on the road 😞

  • Is this functionality going to be added to the phone apps? It would make more sense to me to just connect into my Amplifi via the app and hotspot to my phone. Then I wouldn't need another device to carry around (we are talking about travelling here).

    Forgive me for being dense, but is there a really that large of a market for people connecting to their home wifi? When travelling I use a Roku which supports hotel/dorm mode to handle captive portals. I don't want to use up/rely on my home bandwidth to stream from somewhere else. The only thing I would access at home would be my local media which is already accessible via Plex w/o VPN. Any files I need are on my laptop and/or cloud based already.

    I'm sure there are plenty of people on here that will give me solid use cases. I get it that people just want 'something that just works' but it seems to me this would be something better off in the UBNT line for enterprise use. For Amplifi, this should just be built into the phone App, it already connects back home anyway.

  • @maj170123 Having that functionality built into the app would be amazing...but I'm not sure if you can then turn on your hotspot and have those devices also piggyback in to the VPN as well. I'm guessing there are limitations to what iOS and Android allows too and it might be more possible with Android.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see what this thing can really do...but what I'm hoping is that it also functions similarly to the standalone mesh point they currently sell. Example: I'm at a hotel and use this thing to wirelessly connect to the hotel's access point for the WAN connection while tunneling back over VPN to the Amplifi and broadcasting my home SSID to the hotel room.

    This thing has an ethernet port. Best case scenario is that it can function as either LAN or WAN. LAN when I don't have a wired port in my hotel room that I could plug a wired client (say a laptop) into, or even a portable switch for more ports). WAN port for when there is a wired connection and you won't have to mess with connecting wirelessly to the hotel's AP.

    It would also be nice to just have this thing function as it's own router and turn the VPN on and off at will.

    I've gone through several travel routers trying to find something that will reliably allow me to repeat or extend a public network wirelessly (while broadcasting my own isolated network SSID). Haven't found the magic bullet to that yet. I would gladly pack this on every trip if it even did a few of these things!

  • @jeremy-smith All good points Jeremy. Different users have different use cases. I typically don't VPN into home when travelling, I need to VPN into work.

    I could see the OS limitations being a real problem for hotspotting with the app. In that case, it would be nice if they built in an SSL VPN option into the Amplifi device so you could log in from anywhere via a browser.

  • @maj170123 I also VPN in to work for the majority of my trips - which would be amazing if VPN back to the Amplifi could be turned on/off and essentially function as it's own router when it is off...that way my work VPN is not going all the back to my house and then to my office, but just straight over the internet. I guess we'll find out!

    Yeah, a manual VPN server running on Amplifi would also be nice so you can just connect individual clients (phones, tablets, laptops) and I'm curious if Teleport is their VPN solution or if a manually configured VPN will be possilbe.

    Either way, it's all guessing until we learn more - but cool to see them committing to more Amplifi products instead of that weird body cam necklace haha.

  • I'm super excited about where this is all going.

    Business partner turned me on to Ubiquiti years ago and when I saw AMPLIFI, I jumped on it.

    Looks like his next router will be the AMPLIFI and just showed him the teaser for Teleport and since his role is more the traveler, naturally he's intrigued as am I.

    Details oh please don't tease!

  • Will it be possible to have a MeshPoint link to the Teleport to extend the virtual mesh even further at a remote location?

  • @maj170123 said in Introducing Teleport:

    When travelling I use a Roku which supports hotel/dorm mode to handle captive portals. I don't want to use up/rely on my home bandwidth to stream from somewhere else.

    Does that work outside of the USA?
    I was under the impression you still need to use a Smart DNS spoofer to get Roku to work outside the USA, and even that is not always reliable.

    I have had many hotels in Asia block alternative DNS settings, so VPN is the only way to access geo-locked content, other than an old SlingBox.

    If the Teleport can function as a simple standalone device to allow home VPN access over WiFi when traveling abroad, I will take one.

  • You had me at Virtual Mesh. I'm ready to buy. Also, I like that it is a separate device for security purposes. When released I would really emphasize the value add on security with examples. I believe there are a lot of potential customers that are more and more concerned about security. The extreme would be those in the crypto-currency arena.

    I wish more knew about the Amplifi. It is a game changer like no other, but sadly, I believe some opportunity has been lost in that others are now catching up. The more Amplifi. That more add-ons.

    I would like the security camera that hooks up to the Amplifi now.

  • i want this!!!
    I have a lot of stuff at home that i need when on the road. usualy i then ssh to my public server, and then ssh from this and on to next mashine, it would be a lot easyer just to connect as if i was on my lan at home

  • This post is deleted!

  • I would be pleased to get on for helping you to get feedback.
    I'm sure there are many situations out there using it on different networks (e.g. from customers)
    Greetings from Austria

  • If you need a beta tester, I'm in. Please let me know.

    Ohhh and I would like to test Type C electrical plug (or Europlug) for the existing AmpliFi system too. In Switzerland it's a pain to use your system with Type F to Type C adapters...

    Please do not make this mistake again and design the Teleport with Type C support.

  • Will this device only support LAN and WiFi or is a SIM tray for data SIMs planned (similar to mobile hotspots)?

  • Your marketing copy has got a bit too excited, and is making promises that I strongly suspect you can't deliver. Something that can extend my home wifi to anywhere in the world would be very exciting. Something that can extend my home wifi to anywhere in the world that has mains electricity and a wifi network (or even a cellular data network) that I can use is very much less exciting.

  • This is interesting I would be willing to help test this...

  • @robert-pera said in Introducing Teleport:

    We have been testing internally for some time and now would like to get interested community members here involved

    Super interested in this. I've put putting AmpliFi's in my family's homes but the lack of a VPN has kept me from using it for myself. As a remote worker, a small VPN AP I can carry with me is absolutely perfect!

  • I'd be interested in testing this as I work on the go. Subscribed.

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