Internet may not be available

  • I have an issue with access to internet from my Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 through AmpliFi WiFi Router. Once or twice a day, there is an exclamation mark near wifi signal strenght indicator and notice that says: "Internet may not be available". I have to turn the wifi on my phone off and on again. After that, it works. Where can be a problem? 0_1532287696170_Screenshot_20180722-113856_Settings.jpg

  • I get the same issues using Windows PCs as well. When I run the AMPLIFI app it checks out that there are no problems - so it seems to be a client side issue. I get this on multiple devices across the house. When I disconnect from the Wifi network and reconnect then the device connection is restored.

  • Same issue but I have to reset modem to get anything to work properly

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